COMIC REVIEW: ‘Batman: Detective Comics’ #23.4 Man-Bat

‘Batman: Detective Comics’ #23.4 Man-Bat
‘Batman: Detective Comics’ #23.4 Man-Bat
‘Batman: Detective Comics’ #23.4 Man-Bat
‘Batman: Detective Comics’ #23.4 Man-Bat
  • Cover by Jason Fabok
  • Written by Frank Tieri
  • Pencils by Scot Eaton
  • Inks by Jamie Mendoza
  • Colours by Jeromy Cox

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This issue of ‘Villains Month’ continues the story that’s been setup in the back-up story over the last few months of the normal ‘Detective Comics’ series.

Kirk Langstrom has been betrayed by his wife Francine in more ways than one, he has discovered that she was planted to steal his work and now she has taken the Man-Bat formula and become She-Bat.

Here the two do battle and Francine is quickly handed over to the authorities by Kirk. Setting him on what he thinks is the path to redemption he slowly becomes addicted to the combined Man+She-Bat formula and uses ever more violent methods to protect the citizens of Gotham in the wake of Batman’s disappearance.

There’s a great moral story in this issue which again strays from the formula of retelling the origin of Man-Bat. Kirk genuinely thinks that he is doing good and even convinces himself that he won’t once again become addicted to the formula. As the issue continues he falls further in to addiction and his behaviour spirals out of control until the ending where he is once again a creature of menace to the citizens of Gotham.

The artwork by Eaton follows that of the ‘Detective Comics’ back-up story and match the suitably downbeat nature of the tale being spun. There’s no new ground to be broken here but the quality is consistent throughout and as always pleasing to the eye.

The cover by Fabok is one of the more standout 3D images of the month as there is huge depth to be seen as Man-Bat sprints towards us.

Definitely one of the better ‘Villains Month’ issues.


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