Warner Bros/DC to shoot additional film in 2017?

With ‘Aquaman’ on the move from October to December 2018 and ‘The Batman’ no longer due to go in to production this year DC Comics has an opening in its schedule.

Ben Affleck has spoken this week about his recent stint in rehab whic has had fans concerned about the state of his next Bat-project. Insiders are telling the press this revelation bares no impact on production due to new director Matt Reeves. Reeves is currently finishing up editing on ‘War of the Planet of the Apes’ which is due to release in July. He’ll be out promoting the movie worldwide through the Summer meaning ‘The Batman’ will not be able to start filming until much later in the year.

This leaves Warner Bros. in an interesting situation. Keep the status quo and only release ‘Aquaman’ in 2018 or get another DC property into production this year.

Keeping the status quo would mean a thirteen month gap between DC films as ‘Justice League’ drops in November of this year.

We know there are a number of properties in active development at Warner/DC besides ‘The Batman’. These include: ‘Nightwing’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Suicide Squad 2’, ‘Gotham City Sirens’ and ‘Dark Universe’ aka ‘Justice League Dark’, ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and ‘Cyborg’.

Variety is reporting that five of those films are being considered to go in to production this year. It’s worth noting that Variety reporter Justin Kroll has also said should the scripts not be ready Warner Bros. will move ahead with only ‘Aquaman’ in 2018.

Here are Justin’s tweets on the subject:

Which of these films would you like to see added to the schedule? Our vote goes to Sirens!

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