More Details on Upcoming DCTV Seasons Revealed!

Stephen Amell - 'Arrow'
Stephen Amell - 'Arrow'
The stars of The CW DC TV series
The stars of The CW DC TV series

Just yesterday we got our first look at synopses for the four DCTV shows airing on The CW network. Today at the networks TCA panel producers of the shows gave away yet more tantalising details about what is to come!

You can checkout the synopsis for each season here!

We’ve got the best of the gossip for you courtesy of our friends at Deadline:

–There will be a musical crossover between ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ later in the season. A number of those in the cast can sing, and the EPs are taking advantage of that. This will be two musical crossover episodes. There will be one original song per episode, with the musicals consisting of pre-existing songs. This crossover is completely different from the November one between the four shows ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

–Sharon Leal is joining as Miss Martian on ‘Supergirl’Earlier today, CW chief Mark Pedowitz said that there’s isn’t any particular casting being made to make up for Calista Flockhart’s reduced number of episodes. “They’re casting the whole time, but Calista will be a permanent, recurring character and hopefully she’ll do as many episodes as she wants,” said Pedowitz. The EPs mentioned there will be discussion on the show about her character Cat Grant’s absence, and who (exec wise) might step up to fill that role.

–Christopher Wood will return to ‘Supergirl’ as Mon-El, a superhero with similar powers to Supergirl. He’s from the planet of Daxam. He was an explorer who had landed on Krypton, where Jor-El warned him of the planet’s imminent destruction and provided him with a map to Earth. He suffered amnesia upon landing on Earth, where he actually met Superboy in the comics.

-Diversity is big deal for the EPs. They also want to enlist aliens of colors. Andrew Kreisberg revealed “That one of the characters on one of the shows will explore their sexuality.” Fan speculation believe that could be Jeremy Jordan’s character on Supergirl, Winn Schott.

–In the Russia flashback of ‘Arrow’Dolph Lindgren will be starring.

–Phil Klemmer, EP on ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ said that Lance Henriksen will be appearing on the series.

–’The Flash’ will battle Savitar this season.

Additionally we learnt that both ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ will have their episode orders trimmed to 22 episodes this season. ‘Supergirl’ will air a longer season than it’s debut but will also be capped at 22. All previous ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ seasons have had 23 episodes. No official word on how many episodes ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will air but network head Mark Pedowitz stated that due to the overwhelming number of shows for this season most other shows will air only 13 episodes.

[source: Deadline]

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