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Clark Bartram as Batman in writer-director Sandy Collora's 'Batman Dead End' 0

‘Batman Dead End’ (2003)

Perhaps the greatest fan film of recent times 2003’s ‘Batman Dead End’ took the internet by storm with its dark translation of Batman to screen and perfect fusion of comics...

Adi Shankar & Joseph Kahn's 'Power/Rangers' 0


A little controversial but none the less outstanding fan film that has been doing the rounds for the last fortnight is ‘Power/Rangers’ by notable music video director  Joseph Kahn and...

'The Dark Knight Legacy' 0

FAN FILM: ‘The Dark Knight Legacy’ Checkout this brilliant short film set in the world of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy following the story of Robin John Blake a year after the events of The...

'Batman: Crusaders' 0

Checkout this amazing artwork, we would love to see this as an actual series! Batman: Gotham Crusaders – Season One by *phil-cho