‘TMNT’ #63 Review!

'TMNT' #63 art by Dave Watcher
'TMNT' #63 art by Dave Watcher
'TMNT' #63 cover art by Dave Watcher
‘TMNT’ #63 cover art by Dave Watcher
  • Written by Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
  • Art by Dave Wachter

“Chasing Phantoms” Part 3! With an ally in danger, the Turtles look for a new way to defeat the Street Phantoms. Will the Turtles be able to do what it takes to save the Foot Clan?

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‘TMNT’ is high on a run of really spectacular issues. Issues which have thrown aside the rule book in terms of complex layered plots and cyclical storytelling for something much more akin to long story arcs with multiple subplots.

‘TMNT’ #63 is an example of the plot at possibly its most complex point both structurally and emotionally. Perhaps the most hard hitting is the emotional state in which we find the characters. As the cover suggests Splinter and his role as the leader of The Foot Clan has reached a point where it’s critically starting to come between him and his sons.

This issue finds Splinter and the Clan about to wage war on The Phantoms street gang. The Turtles themselves are uneasy with the decision and for the first time in a long time find themselves at odds with their mentor. The choice to take the story down this route continues to push ‘TMNT’ in to new territory and it’s territory that I think fans will really enjoy.

We’ve had several months of the gang separated from their traditional villain and this has proven to be a creative rejuvenation for the series, to potentially pit the heroes against Splinter will only serve to further push the writers.

Most of the complexities in ‘TMNT’ come from pulling the various threads of the story together. With Harold now a prisoner of The Phantoms thanks to Splinter there’s the plot around him being reunited with his wife and the problems that causes. This is then further complicated by the street war which engulfs the low level enforcers leading to the reappearance of Casey Jones.

There’s a lot going on here but its all connected and it all works really well. For once I’m not really able to say where this story is going or how it’s going to reach its climax and that is truly very exciting as a ‘TMNT’ fan.

As always Dave Watcher brings some insane artwork to the series. The cover is striking. The image of Splinter stood in front of all the Foot Clan soldiers really evokes the emotions of what is happening in the story within.

The action is, as always, the highlight. Seeing large groups of characters charging in to battle never ceases to amaze. The day when Watcher moves on from ‘TMNT’ will be a very sad day indeed.


‘TMNT’ #63 is a hugely complex story reaching its peak, jump on board now or you will surely regret it later!

4 stars

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