SDCC 2014: ‘Constantine’ panel highlights

The 'Constantine' panel at SDCC 2014
The 'Constantine' panel at SDCC 2014
Constantine Season 1 Poster Art
Constantine Season 1 Poster Art

On a hot sunny afternoon and on my birthday no-less, we managed to walk straight in to hall 6BCF at San Diego Comic Con and enjoy the ‘Cartoon Voices’ panel followed by ‘Marvel’s Cup O’ Joe’ and the ‘Batman 75’ panel. After several hours of sitting came a special pilot presentation for new NBC show ‘Constantine’ based on the DC Comics title of the same name along with various other titles on the dark arts side of the DC Universe.

Up first was a rep from Warner Bros. TV who introduced the show and kindly asked that we all take as many pictures and videos of the panel as we could and share them on social media to get the buzz going about the show and without further hesitation we spent roughly 50mins watching a genuinely exciting pilot from part of the DC world with which I am not overly familiar.

You can checkout our review of the pilot itself here.

After the screening was over out came TV Guide’s Michael Schneider to moderate a short panel featuring several key players from the world of ‘Constantine’

  • David S. Goyer – writer and producer
  • Daniel Cerone – producer
  • Matt Ryan – the titular ‘Constantine’
  • Harold Perrineau – Manny
  • Angelica Celaya – joining the cast later in the season as Zed
  • Charles Halford – Cas
The 'Constantine' panel at SDCC 2014
The ‘Constantine’ panel at SDCC 2014

The cast spent roughly fifteen minutes talking about the genesis of the show, the casting process, the writing process but also a lot about where they hope to take the show in the future. Some time was spent discussing the casting of ‘Constantine’ himself with David S. Goyer and Daniel Cerone proclaiming that after reading hundreds of actors for the part Matt walked in and simply was Constantine.

After discussing the disappointed with the character of Liv and her departure from the series talk turned to Angelica Celaya and the character of Zed who will be introduced further down the line. Angelica had just completed her first night of shooting at 4am that day and jumped straight on a flight to San Diego to be at the panel. The panel shared an interested anecdote about when the producers decided to perform a chemistry test on Ryan and Celaya and how within seconds she had backed him in to a corner and it was clear the two would work well together on screen.

Each of the cast shared some thoughts on their particular character with Perrineau talking a length about his excitement at joining the series as a new character written specifically for the TV world and how he felt he wanted to take that opportunity to help expand the universe of ‘Constantine’.

There was talk of future characters who may appear on the show stemming from the collective gasp the audience gave at the appearance of Doctor Fate’s helmet during a scene in the pilot. Goyer explained that DC had given full rights to the dark arts characters from within the DC Universe meaning there was nothing to stop them from bringing together the full ‘Justice League: Dark’ team at some point in the future. Goyer did however make it very clear that guest characters/heroes would need to be organic to the story and not shoehorned in for the sake of trying to entice viewers, clearly taking notes from the ‘Arrow’ writers on how best to develop a cast of secondary heroes to help progress the story.

Finishing the panel the attendees thanked the crowd for attending and hoped we would continue to watch the show once it premieres on screens in the US on 24th October.

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