COMIC REVIEW: ‘Justice League’ #23.1 Darkseid

‘Justice League’ #23.1 Darkseid
‘Justice League’ #23.1 Darkseid
‘Justice League’ #23.1 Darkseid
‘Justice League’ #23.1 Darkseid
  • Cover by Ivan Reis
  • Written by Greg Pak
  • Pencils by Netho Diaz & Paolo Siqueira

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I’ve been looking forward to some backstory on Darkseid since the announcement of each of the individual titles that would be making up ‘Villains Month’ as he’s a character I’ve come across only once or twice and for whom I know very little of the history.

So colour me happy to find out that this issue would basically be an origin story for the character. I was intrigued by how far back the story would go and glad to see that it isn’t just a simple rip-off of the Apocalypse story from Marvel Comics or of any other character who fits in to the same category in the comics world.

Pak writes a good historical epic with a lot of action but with enough character at its heart to keep the reader engaged. The problem with some of these massive epic god stories is that they lose the human emotion which we connect to as readers but we still get that here although perhaps not from the Darkseid character himself but at least from those around him.

There’s enough conflict amongst the gods to keep the story interesting and with glimpses of the Justice League and our home version of Earth its like a tantelising view of conflicts past and present between Superman, the League and Darkseid.

The artwork matches the epic story perfectly, there’s a lot of firey colours throughout this issue but the artwork is never too busy to detract from the story or to confuse the readers eye. The characters a rendered beautifully for which I would expect nothing less from Diaz and Siqueira.


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